Thursday, September 15, 2011

Protecting from vulnerabilities of buying cars online.

used car dealersWe all know that one way to get expose is to publish something on the net. Currently more than 400 million sites that are now registered online.

The big question is how can we prevent these problems that are facing right now such as web defacement, sql and web injections, hacktvism and worst thing is denial of service.

I have attended a conference that talks more on web securities. From there I have learned a lot on what are best practices that could apply to your site inorder to protect from any intrusions. Basically first thing to do is to set policy in administering website. Though this sound so technical but it means is to impose regulations like regular patching and monitoring. Apply third party software that will scan activities everyday. Most important is to get update with the latest technology that pertains to internet security.

Now how it does related to buying of cars. As a used car dealer this is very much significant. What our aim here is to gain trust from our client wherein they are confident to shell out money and buying it online. Protecting from any vulnerabilities is the same as protecting your business as a whole.


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