Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Job's Lost Greatly Affects Business Industry

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Steve Jobs died yesterday of pancreatic cancer. Now who is he by the way, let us recall how and why does he become iconic to everyone. For the benefit to those who doesn't know him, Steve Job is a co-founder of Apple Company where MAC book, ipad, iphone, itunes and etc. are only of his masterpieces. He led the transformation into a mobile computer revolution because of the devices he conceptualized. Indeed, he is a true visionary and creative genius. If we think how it greatly affects the automotive industry since this is quite far from the business focuses he had. Well basically, its not just automotive business is affected from this but the whole business landscapes. He is the one who initiates and mastermind of mobile technology. A man like him is a great lost to the business world, it's not the product but the idea and concept he created. For me no one can ever replace him for the great idea he contributed that make life as easy as possible. Now we are moving forward to different approach of operating a business and most likely this will be gone for now and hopefully someone will emerge and follow his footsteps. We shall live and gain inspiration to his legacy.

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