Thursday, September 24, 2009

Simplify the Buying Process with Advantage NZ

Advantage NZ makes sure your business performs at its maximum potential even in tough times. The key to a well run import business is quick and reliable access to quality well priced stock ex-Japan.

Advantage NZ was developed as a product specifically targeting the New Zealand car dealer and includes industry professionals dedicated to providing the best source of vehicles from Japan. We know your needs, and we can assist you in navigating the turbulent market conditions by further customizing our services to your purchase requirements.

Stay a step ahead in the vehicle marketplace by utilizing our proven three step process.

1. The Buying 'Advantage'
a.Our experienced NZ trained buyers offer immediate access to stock purchased for the NZ market daily. We select vehicles for the Advantage NZ brand daily and offer you instant access via the ‘Advantage’ section on our website.
b.Advantage NZ offers access to the iDirect auction portal. All NZ bids are handled by specially trained auction staff and then rechecked afterwards by Advantage inspectors. The auction portal offers access to all auctions in Japan weekly.

2. The 'Advantage' Inspection Process
a.Vehicles are inspected thoroughly prior to bidding and the buyer is informed of all relevant information. You will know more about what you are bidding on, allowing you to price your purchase with confidence and no surprises.
b.Following our purchase procedure, vehicles are re-inspected for both accident and mechanical faults, including rust and estimates on any reconditioning needed. All inspection information is easily accessed on line for your convenience.
c.All vehicles are MAF cleaned, cleared, and odometer and stolen vehicle checked prior to shipment.

3. The 'Advantage' Customer Service
a.Our website has been updated to make sure your questions and inquiry are routed to staff specially trained to respond to Advantage customers.
b.Our logistics team is there for you at every stage of the process, from purchase, shipping, arrival, and transport to your yard. We are there for you 24/7 ready to assist you as needed.

Simplify the buying process and maximize your businesses potential. Call us to discuss the future benefits of dealing with Advantage NZ today. One phone call to us will help you make a difference – take 'Advantage' of this opportunity by contacting:

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