Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Job's Lost Greatly Affects Business Industry

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Steve Jobs died yesterday of pancreatic cancer. Now who is he by the way, let us recall how and why does he become iconic to everyone. For the benefit to those who doesn't know him, Steve Job is a co-founder of Apple Company where MAC book, ipad, iphone, itunes and etc. are only of his masterpieces. He led the transformation into a mobile computer revolution because of the devices he conceptualized. Indeed, he is a true visionary and creative genius. If we think how it greatly affects the automotive industry since this is quite far from the business focuses he had. Well basically, its not just automotive business is affected from this but the whole business landscapes. He is the one who initiates and mastermind of mobile technology. A man like him is a great lost to the business world, it's not the product but the idea and concept he created. For me no one can ever replace him for the great idea he contributed that make life as easy as possible. Now we are moving forward to different approach of operating a business and most likely this will be gone for now and hopefully someone will emerge and follow his footsteps. We shall live and gain inspiration to his legacy.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Western Used Car Collection

Western countries such as UK, Germany and others are not just producing good quality cars but buying and selling used cars to all regions. In fact some of them existed for almost 50 years and still operating their business up to now. Below are some examples of cars that is now on their list waiting for customer to bid. There are still more than 10000 units available at any time.


used car dealers
Manual | Blue | 5 Doors 1600 cc | Petrol | 34018 mi Not Warranted | Reg. Date : 9/5/2006


used car dealers
Tiptronic | Silver | 2 Doors | 2100 cc | Diesel | 3874 mi Warranted | Reg. Date : 3/3/2011


used car dealers
Manual | Bronze | 3 Doors 2000 cc | Petrol | 9818 mi Warranted | Reg. Date : 4/30/2009

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vehicle Cost JPY200,000 and Below


2002 TOYOTA FUN ARGO- ¥ 140,000

japan used car export
Chassis No: NCP20-0234349 Model Grade: X Pair Bench pkg Kilometers: 119,089 kms
Doors: 5 Door Engine Type: Petrol Transmission: Auto Condition Grade: 3.5 CC Rating: 1300
Engine Type: PETROL Wheel Style: Wheel Covers Handedness: Right Hand Drive

2001 CHEVROLET CRUZE - ¥ 130,000

japan used car export
Chassis No: HR51S-600956 Model Grade: X Kilometers: 93,687 kms
Doors: 5 Door Engine Type: Petrol Transmission: Auto Condition Grade: 4
CC Rating:1300 Engine Type: PETROL Wheel Style: Mags Handedness: Right Hand Drive

2003 OPEAL ASTRA - ¥ 140,000

used car dealers
Chassis No: WOLOTGF3532200579 Model Grade: SPORT EDITION
Kilometers: 104,305 kms Doors: 5 Door Engine Type: Petrol Transmission: AutoCondition Grade: 4 CC Rating: 1800 Engine Type: PETROL Wheel Style: Mags Handedness: Right Hand Drive

For more inquiries you can comment directly at the right top portion.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Means of Communications


The only way to sustain credibility of dealing online is to give the client an access or portal that could get through easily on what they transact. Most likely communication is very much important here. We cannot afford to lose them by get in touch with them once.
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Now what are means and ways to do this? No. 1 activity online is email or electronic mail. Most of top 500 fortune company are using this as a major communications. Simply it's a lot faster than the old way of mailing and even more secured and can even keep it with confedentiality. Examples are Gmail and Yahoomail , these are major email services that can be trusted. More features everday and even it creates big storage just to accommodate our needs.

Chat basically derives from the word talk and again we have Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger. One good thing for chat, it has a real time communication and even voice and video functionality added just recently.

Though these are for free but for me it is better to have my own tools because customization really matters especially if you want features to be added which are not yet exist from any tools on the net. Scalability and productivity is the keypoint here to create an effective way of communications and even lead to sales.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Vehicles Fresh from the Vessels

These are the lists of vehicles that are newly arrived fresh from the vessels. This is NO Buyers Fee protocol meaning what you bid is what you pay. And many more advantages awaits. Interested used car dealers must comment here at the right top portion and will forward your comment immediately.

used car dealersYr/Mo Registration:2005 (April)
Grade: 20F
Chassis No: GYEW-201218
Kilometers: 150330
Color: SILVER / Interior Color: GRAY
Start Price: $7,500 (NZD)

used car dealersYr/Mo Registration:2004 (June)
Make: BMW Model: 318I
Grade: 318I TOURING
Chassis No: WBAEX52040PR00755
Kilometers: 130408
Doors: 5 DOOR
Color: SILVER / Interior Color: BLACK
Start Price: $9,000 (NZD)

used car dealersYr/Mo Registration 2006 (March)
Grade: 15B
Chassis No: SC11-065192
Kilometers: 96280
Color: WHITE / Interior Color: GREY
Start Price: $8,500 (NZD)

used car dealers Yr/Mo Registration: 2004 (October)
Grade: M
Chassis No: RB1-3089552
Kilometers: 85110
Doors: 5 DOOR
Color: LIGHTBLUE /Interior Color: DARK BLUE
Start Price: $11,000 (NZD)

used car dealers Yr/Mo Registration: 2000 (June)
Grade: G
Chassis No: NCP21-0028543
Kilometers: 109979
Doors: 5 DOOR
Color: SILVER / Interior Color: GREY
Start Price: $4,500 (NZD)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Protecting from vulnerabilities of buying cars online.

used car dealersWe all know that one way to get expose is to publish something on the net. Currently more than 400 million sites that are now registered online.

The big question is how can we prevent these problems that are facing right now such as web defacement, sql and web injections, hacktvism and worst thing is denial of service.

I have attended a conference that talks more on web securities. From there I have learned a lot on what are best practices that could apply to your site inorder to protect from any intrusions. Basically first thing to do is to set policy in administering website. Though this sound so technical but it means is to impose regulations like regular patching and monitoring. Apply third party software that will scan activities everyday. Most important is to get update with the latest technology that pertains to internet security.

Now how it does related to buying of cars. As a used car dealer this is very much significant. What our aim here is to gain trust from our client wherein they are confident to shell out money and buying it online. Protecting from any vulnerabilities is the same as protecting your business as a whole.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vehicles at your fingertips

Smartphones, tablets, ipad, itouch , ipod and many more. These are examples of gadgets that exist nowadays. Before it was only used mostly for entertainment and gaming purposes but eventually use for serious business such as buying, shopping and even bidding.

I'm a car enthusiast person and I want to know if buying vehicles can be done using merely your fingers. Indeed it happened, in fact a lot of businessman wanted to do their transactions on their mobile gadgets. Aside from easy access of the site it hasten up their transactions as well. Moving forward I can see a bigger perspective view that would totally change the business landscape. A lot faster than the usual processes, more secured even if you are not on the operation site and even more profit comes in for a very short span of time.

It is simply amazing for a used car dealers. By moving at your fingertips you can do the whole business operations run with lesser effort and expenses. Vehicles are now relying at your fingertips as quoted on my title and it somehow turns into a realization.

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